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This website began life in August 2006. Initially, I'll mostly be including photos related to Hank Williams' final day. Check back soon because I do have more photos ready to upload!

MORE RECORDINGS RELEASED: Another batch of the Mother's Best Flour radio shows has been released (November 2009). This set it named "Hank Williams: Revealed." Plus, they are different than the previous "Unreleased Recordings" set.

NEW RECORDINGS RELEASED: "The Unreleased Recordings" have been released! This three disc set is the first official release of the legendary Mother's Best Flour radio show recordings. This is just the first volume so more are to follow. Much work has been done to clean up the quality and the sound is much nicer than the bootlegs that have been circulating. Keep in mind that these are NOT included in the fabulous "Complete Hank Williams" box set.

WEBSITE UPDATE: I've added a video of various sites in Oak Hill connected to Hank's death. Click here to watch.

NEWS UPDATE: The Pure Oil Station in Oak Hill has been demolished. This unfortunate event took place around the middle of December 2006. Thanks to Chea for the information. A news story can be found here.

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It seems likely that Hank Williams' car stopped at Burdette's Pure Oil Service Station in Oak Hill shortly after leaving the Skyline Drive-In in Hilltop. It seems the police became involved at this point. Hank was taken a short distance up the road to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. He was then taken directly across Main Street to Tyree Funeral Home, where his autopsy was performed. Meanwhile, Hank's car was stored in one of the garages at the Pure Oil Station.

The service station still (as of 2006) looks much the same. The hospital is a short walk up the street but has undergone much remodeling and expansion. The Mr. Tyree has moved his business elsewhere but the old funeral home still stands though a bit remodeled. Across the street from the service station is the Herbert E. Jones Library. The front lawn displays a bronze memorial plaque to Hank Williams.

DECEMBER 2006 NEWS: The Pure Oil Station was torn down in mid-December 2006. It seems the town couldn't decide about turning it into a museum. Tragically, the owner grew tired and had the station demolished. Thanks to Chea for the news tip. A news story can be found here. For the record, the photos below were taken on July 24, 2006, less than five months before the destruction of the historic structure. I also shot some video and will try to upload it soon.

Fun facts about Hank Williams

When mentioning the religious music and Christian music, one can’t help himself not to think about the gospel genre. It is a powerful kind of music with elaborate variations especially designed to shake the man’s heart and mind. Its history stretches way back in time and lays its roots within African American individuals’ religious experience. A great deal of popularization was done by very talented artists; among them there is Hank Delano Williams as one of the most celebrated of them all. During his entire life, Hank Williams has devoted both his time and talent to the revival of this beautiful genre of music.

A pure soul for a pure sound

Some would agree that in order to be initiated in the gospel music, one would have to own a clean heart as to get closer to God, the propeller of everything good in this world. If we were to follow these words, it would become clear why a gentle soul like Hank Williams’ could give birth to such high quality music. His life began in the small town of Smithdale, Mississippi, on 27th of June 1947 and starting from an early age, he spent all his childhood and teenage years thoroughly studying gospel music.

At first, he joined the Southern Gospel Singers, but that was not enough for him – his talent was fit for a wider audience and he knew that. That is why beginning with the late ‘50s all the way through the early ‘60s he was part of the Southern Gospel Singers – it is the period in which he unleashed most of his creative potential. In 1964 he teamed up with Huey Williams –his brother - as part of the Jackson Southernaires.

Their debut song was Too Late and recorded Look Around and Save My Child – these would become the hits that marked the beginning of a rich and successful career. The next stage in the group’s evolutions was signing a contract with the Malaco Records - that is how songs like Legendary Gentlemen, Touch of Class, and Downhome came to be. Live Sex Chat or going live on http://www.camplace.com was not one of Williams’ priorities as he invested more time in creating The Mississippi Mass Choir to whom he acted as director and leader.

However, if you are into Live Sex Chat, you can always download and listen to Hank Williams songs; they are sure to touch your soul like few other works can. The choir’s music was so successful that Billboard magazine licensed it as the Number 1 Spiritual album in America, and not only this but it also stayed on the Billboard charts 45 weeks in a row!

Until his last breath given on the 22nd of March 1993, Hank Williams continued to ceaselessly work and he stayed true to his passion for gospel music. As such, give Live Sex Chat a break and indulge in the masterpiece of America’s most distinct gospel song writer and musician. You are guaranteed to be overwhelmed with pleasure.